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  • I just wanted to thank you for giving me bureaucrat rights. I really appreciate it. Shane hasn't been on in a while, and I don't even know if he's ever coming back.

    Funny enough, after looking at the user rights log, I noticed Shane had given some of the other admins bureaucrat rights as well, so I probably could have asked them if I'd known. I'm guessing they probably didn't know either.

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    • that's not too bad then. Well in ZJ wiki i ended up being the only one who was contributing to the wiki, with abt 200+ users posting on the trading page when it was at it's peak. There were people who don't even know that the wiki contain articles as they've only been on the trading page. but it's been very quiet after the page got deleted and the developers abandoned the game about the same time.

      I didn't edit much here due to reasons but I've seen you around since last year and keep coming up with new ideas for the wiki which makes the wiki what it is today. You've done a lot for the wiki and build up the community. it's a job well done. I better not interfere with your plans since you know the community better. =)

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    • Don't worry about interfering. I'm always open to new ideas to help make this site even better then it already is.

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    • Hey Shane do you have an email or kik which i can contact you in private?

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    • yea,

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  • I noticed Dysdain asked about a page template as well.

    I added a couple of Half Elf pages but stopped after those since I wasn't sure if there was a set template to follow (I didn't see one anywhere). If there is NOT yet a set template... here are a couple suggestions (IMO)

    --The ATK/DEF should have both min/max values on the same line, something like:

    ATK: 200 base - 1500 max (it looks cleaner/neater)

    --Price/Value should have 2 entries; one in coins for base value (price if sold in-game) and one in ED for trade value to other players.

    Anyway... going to stop now since you may already have this planned out somewhere and there's no sense in rambling if you do :)

    (I tried to ask this on Shane613 's Message Wall but his doesn't work)

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    • Hi, at the moment there's no standard format for card pages as far as I'm aware of. Most of the pages were created by Shane613 while others by many different contributor, hence the inconsistency in format.

      I know Shane613 is interested in using templates for card pages but he did not reply to my message. My idea is to use {{Infobox card}} on card pages by adding this code to a page
      {{Infobox card
      |title         = 
      |image         = 
      |element       = 
      |rarity        = 
      |base atk      = 
      |max atk       = 
      |base def      = 
      |max def       = 
      |pwr needed    = 
      |skill         = 
      |sale price    = 
      |evolves to    = 
      The page will look something like this

      Will have to talk to Shane again, finalise it and see what he thinks since many pages will have to be changed.

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  • message wall is now activated, and i've made you an admin!

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