Meloria, Undiscovered


Those girls who were touched by magic were blessed with simplistic lives, free to live as part of nature. And, even as they differed from the gods worshiped by men, it was fitting to say that forests worshiped them for the role they played. Like all witches before their contact with mortal kind, they lurked in nature, performing miraculous acts of purity and abundance. Or, at least they used to do so, for Meloria was they only remaining holder of that power.


Name originEdit

Meloria is a rocky islet in the Ligurian Sea, off the coast of Tuscany, north central Italy, opposite Livorno. Meloria is known as the site of two 13th-century naval battles, both features of the long-standing rivalry between Pisa and Genoa. The first Battle of Meloria, on May 3, 1241, was fought between the fleet of the emperor Frederick II, surnamed Stupor Mundi, in alliance with Pisa, against a Genoese squadron and ended with a Pisan and Imperial victory. The second battle, known as Battle of Meloria, was fought on 5 and 6 August 1284 between the fleets of the Republics of Genoa and Pisa as part of the Genoese-Pisan War. The victory of Genoa and the destruction of the Pisan fleet marked the decline of the Republic of Pisa.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Bruno Wagner.

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