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They are clad in a black triangle hat and sable mantle, standing before a well-worn magic symbol in the gloom of a small shed while murmuring cryptic incantations. This is the image most people had of witches, and Medis resented it with a passion. Though she came from a long line of witches, she refused to behave like a "normal" witch, vowing to usher in a new paradigm to replce the time-worn traditions of her clan.


Added on February 21, 2014 as Final BR Reward during Battle Royale XX:

  • Individual Final BR point Rank 501-1,500, 1,501-3,000.
  • Guild Final BR point Rank 51-80 (x2), 81-130, 131-200.
  • Can be drawn from Token Box Card Pack.

Name Origin[]

In folklore a witch is a woman who has magic powers. Traditionally considers to be evil and practicing black magic, differs from a sorcerer in that they do not use physical tools or actions to curse; sometimes depicted as ugly old woman.

Additional Information[]