Maya, Coveting Warmth


The sensation of warmth obtained from close human contact was purported to be splendid. In an effort to stave off the bitter cold, Maya would regularly abduct people and bring them to her cavernous residence. However, no matter how tightly she embraced them, she never felt the rumored heat as the frigid air from her own body did not wane. Frustrated by yet another disappointment, she would search anew for one who could provide.


Added on March 4, 2015 as a part of Dawn of Survival 9 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Maya is a feminine name with multiple meanings. Can be a variant form of the Greek-origin name Maia (Μαια in Ancient Greek), the eldest of the Pleiades and the mother of Hermes in Greek and Roman mythology; derived from the Latin element maia or else mai meaning "great, big". Alternatively, the name could be from the Sanskrit word Māyā for "illusion, dream". In Hebrew, the name Maya is a short form of "ma'ayan," meaning "spring", "brook" or "water". In Old Persian the name means "generous".

Additional InfoEdit

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