Master Explorer Bérénice


Bérénice with her hawk-like eyes, boundless curiosity, vast wealth of knowledge, staunch perseverance, and touch of luck, was a prodigious explorer. She was delighted by the unexpected, even as she waded though the treacherous swamp, map in hand, with nothing but a dim light to guide her through the thick and unrelenting mist. The way she revealed in the unknown even in the face of gravest peril may indeed have been her greatest asset.


Name originEdit

Bérénice is a French variant of English, German, and Italian feminine name Berenice, Latinized form of Βερενικη (Berenike), the Macedonian form of the Greek name Φερενικη (Pherenike), which meant "bringing victory", derived from Ancient Greek φερω (phero) "to bring, to bear" and νικη (nike) "victory". This name was common among the Ptolemy ruling family of Egypt, a dynasty which was originally from Macedon. An additional Latin form of the same name is Veronica.

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