Margareta, Dark Aide


Within the ominous fog of the forbidden domain lay a pool formed by the blood of those foolish enough to trespass. Margareta, the shapely woman who stood in the morass, was the retainer of a warlord once mighty enough to lay waste to entire armies. Even in his death, her loyalty never waned. She would continue to protect her master's slumber, and show no mercy to any who dared disturb it.


Added on June 5, 2014 as Final ranking Reward during Heroes Colosseo XII, altogether 88 Cards:

  • Class S 1-3 (x2), 4-15 (x2), 16-30, 31-50.
  • Class A 1-5, 6-20.
  • Class B 1-3.

Name originEdit

Margareta (Margarete, Margaretta, Margarette, Margarit, Margarita, Margharita) is of Greek origin, a variant of Margaret; the meaning is "pearl". A name of many saints.

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