Marchosias, Hell Archduke


Marchosias will appear in various forms. Depending on the wish of his summoner, he can appear as a savage beast or a gallant and brave warrior. Summoners with sincere characteristics will be given the right to hear his name.


Name OriginEdit

In demonology, Marchosias is a powerful Great Marquis of Hell, commanding thirty legions of demons. He is a strong and excellent fighter and very reliable to the conjurer, giving true answers to all questions. Marchosias hoped after one thousand and two hundred years to return to heaven with the non-fallen angels, but he is deceived in that hope.

He is depicted as a wolf with a man's form as well as a griffon's wings and a serpent's tail, that under request changes shape into a man.

The name Marchosias comes from Late Latin marchio, marquis.

Additional InfoEdit

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