Marcana, Holy Examiner


If one encounters Marcana after death, it means they posses both righteous and wicked dispositions. The gods depend upon her to appraise those they find difficult to judge. Indeed, so grave is her task that she also requires the aid of other creatures. Many detest her for the verdicts they have handed down, yet none, least of all Marcana, have the capacity to be troubled.


Given to all players for free on May 20, 2015 as a part of 3 Year Anniversary Campaign.

Name originEdit

Marcana is a Slavic (Марцана) goddess of death of all living creatures, except man: her victims deliver people rich fruits of hunting, fishing and trapping. Also Mara (or Morena, Marzhana, Marcana, Morana) is the Slavic goddess of fertility and harvest.

Additional InfoEdit

First Card with Revenge Skill, which boosts according to number of certain element cards in your opponent's Front Line.

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