Manipulated Veniamin


Veniamin punishes those with wickedness in their hearts. His purifying light leads all demons to the darkest pits of the Netherworld where did punishment will be carried out. He is the most feared among all judges of the dead, for unlike the fleeting pain of obliteration, his chastening lasts for eternity. Even those confident in their strength would be wise to avoid confronting him.


Added on July 23, 2014 as a Half-Time Ranking Reward during Beauty by Design Raid Event, altogether 550 cards:

  • Rank 1-10 (x2), 11-50 (x2), 51-150, 151-300, 301-500.

Name originEdit

Veniamin is a masculine name, primarily used in Russian and Slavic, of Hebrew origin; the meaning is "son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old age; favorite". A variant of the English, French, German, and Hebrew name Benjamin.

Additional InfoEdit

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