Malicca, Naive Vigilante


Bringing her sword down upon her enemy, Malicca puffed her chest proudly in victory. Looking to-the-end childish, it would be impossible to tell from her dress or mannerisms that she was of an age where others would begin courtship rituals. Still living a life as full of delusions as she had done as a child, she believed without an inkling of doubt that she would soon rise up as an avenger of justice.


Added on November 19, 2014 as a part of Chains of Vengeance 14 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Malicca is probably a spelling variant of Malika, means "queen" in Arabic, the feminine form of Malik "king", derived from Maalik "owner, possessor".

Vigilante is a person who considers it their own responsibility to uphold the law in their neighborhood and often does so summarily and without legal jurisdiction. Vigilantes typically see the government as ineffective in enforcing the law; such individuals often claim to justify their actions as a fulfillment of the wishes of the community. Came into English from Spanish vigilante "watchman", "guard", derived from Latin vigilans "watching" (e.g. through the night) with the root vigil "awake, alert".

Additional InfoEdit

  • Special Skill Card for Battle Royale XXIX. Negates the effectiveness of opponent's reduction Skills by up to 80% and increases the amount of BR PTs earned by up to 110% when evolved.
  • Artwork by Yu-Han Chen
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