Majestic Shao-D'ola


Silver scales glinting in the sky are the sign one as seen the aerial dragon Shao-D'ola. His grand, splendid form appears like a chain of jewels soaring through the blue vastness, and, as he is able to remain forever in flight, not once has his magnificent form been seen approaching the ground. He is said, therefore, to appear only to those who have received the blessings of the Heavens.


Added as part of the Wings of Fantasy 7 Card Pack released on September 24th, 2014.

Name originEdit

Shao (Chinese: 邵; pinyin: Shào) is a common Chinese family name. Corresponds to last name "So" in Korean; "Thiệu" or "Thiều" in Vietnamese; and Siu/Chow/Sho in other Chinese romanisations. The origin of the family name Shao is thought to have come from the royal lines of the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China. The name is concentrated in South Eastern and Southern areas of China.

In Slavic mythology, Dola are the protective spirits which embody human fate. They can appear in the guises of a god, a cat, a man, a mouse, or a woman. They have their own preferences and provinces; and they would hound you if you made choices that were not planned by Fate.

Additional infoEdit

Artwork by Bayard Wu.

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