Maina, the Weeping Blade


The "Weeping Blade" was both Maina's nickname and name of her sword. It was a powerful blade made from magic-infused ore, and its most notable feature was the sound it made, like a ghost wailing in pain, as it cut through its target. Without fail, her appearance would cause all to flee in terror. For no matter how beautiful the "Weeping Blade" was, there were few who wished to be around the cloying stench of blood that hung continuously over her.


Added on August 24, 2014 as a part of Dawn of Survival 5 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Maina is a name with multiple independent origins. It is an Italian surname that belongs to the region of the Italian Alps, as well as a Latvian and Finnish personal name (Mainio masculine, Maini and Maina feminine), descended from the Finnish language mainio ("wonderful, excellent"). As an Indian feminine name Maina's meaning is "intelligent", "Messnger Of God" or "bird" (from Sanskrit).

Additional InfoEdit

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