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Magnum Opus was a card park that was differed from the usual kind of Card Packs. It could solely be accessed via MyPage and not via the Card Pack button.

It was introduced on August 31, 2016 and included classic Cards by selected Artists as Renewed URs. It resembled an art gallery and was divided into two parts (East and West Exhibit) to reflect the different styles. The player had to choose the exhibit and every draw cost 500 Gems. The exhibitions changed every month around the middle and last day of that month. The cards had PWR 20 and PWR 21 until the last release on February 28, 2018 when it changed to PWR 22 and PWR 23.

On March 14, 2018 is was replaced by the Destined Encounter card pack.


August 31, 2016
Evan Lee (West): (Apprehensive) Eve, New Assassin & (Sparing) Aditi, Dragon Master
Jung Myung Lee (East): (Keepsake) Iron Queen Rozelia O'Lia & (Awake) Raycent, Scaled Terror
September 14, 2016
Wang Song (West): (Soliloquy) Imprisoned Hyriel & (Searing) Iva of the Flamewood
Kisuny (East): (Accurate) Roana, Tarot Card Witch & (Untroubled) Jenus, Dragonslayer
September 30, 2016
Choi Yongjae (West): (Proven) Gifted General Janesce & (Fanged) Dividing Cerberus Siblings
Ruan Jia (East): (Bestir) Primeval Dark Demogorgon & (Abysmal Chasm) Orcus, Necrodemon
October 14, 2016
Kyoungmin Park (West): (Disputing) Testament the Apostate & (Simulacrum) Dressing Doll Ermis
Yu-Han Chen (East): (Forgo) Kimesa, Red-Dyed Blackbird & (Tale) Charlotte, Magical Puppeteer
October 31, 2016
Kera (West): (Undemanding) Lovely Thief Ladyhawk & (Cowering) Stella, Dogged Gladiator
Zinna Du (East): (Overruling) Demon Emperor Barbados & (Meditate) Quince, Silken Defender
November 14, 2016
NOX (West): (Devoid) Death-Haunted Summoner Koo & (Clean Breeze) Holy Birdwoman Tilda
Seunghee Lee (East): (Argent) Wolfe, Werewolf Packmaster & (Nurture) Planet Caretaker Cheryl
November 30, 2016
KidKidKid (West): (Frostclaw) Atia, Tableland Lupine & (Luminance) Arle, Rainbow Sprite
Jung Myung Lee (East): (Disaccord) Almighty Dominus & (Venturing) Thrillseeker, Wrigley
December 14, 2016
LANGE (West): (Pulsation) Lovely Saint Yunoreshia & (Aeonian) Lifespan Monitor Chrona
Wang Song (East): (Iciness) Ainoa, Wandering Frost & (Snarl) Lahab of the Crimson Seas
December 30, 2016
Marat Ars (West): (Veteran) Rozet, Seeking Perfection & (Wholesome) Divine Soul Suncrel
Reynan Sanchez (East): (Choler) Homunculi Seina & Selena & (Frosty) Jessica, Timid Ice Empress


January 14, 2017
Totorrl (West): (Nescient) Legendary Summoner Stati & (Red Sole) Bloodboiling Cocobrad
Puppeteer Lee (East): (Decency) Spike the Silver Noble & (Predicament) Shurala the Supreme
January 30, 2017
Kyoungmin Park (West): (Homebody) Rebellious Leader Allie & (Semblance) Malius, Vengeful Avatar
Evan Lee (East): (Undertow) Filomena, Hunting Lovers & (Assurance) Undead Subduer Eligos
February 14, 2017
Puppet (West): (Quiver) Maina, the Weeping Blade & (Dark Joy) Lyusya, Scales of Death
Laura Sava (East): (Seclusion) Tree-Absorbed Esflonné & (Examining) Great Sleuth Manalee
February 28, 2017
MingzhuYang (West): (Bloodbond) Vulci, Demon Admiral & (Reptile Realm) Cerulean Artanis
Hyojin Ahn (East): (Prescient) Prophet Saint Euphemia & (Despondent) Long-suffering Fantine
March 14, 2017
Kisuny (West): (Regulate) Parvati the Irresistible & (Imagery) Formless Deity Soruena
Atents (East): (Pursuance) Kingsaver Tracy & (Elegant Claw) Kira, Grotto Menace
March 31, 2017
Crow God (West): (Deficiency) Dark Shimmering Genius & (Risktaking) Fina the Darkblade
Tae Sub Shin (East): (Stolen Air) Skylover Sheliel & (Collar) Milba, Taming 1000 Beasts
April 14, 2017
NOX (West): (Lamenting) Shadow-Cursed Angustias & (Huddle) Proud Amara the Lupine
songjjang100 (East): (Battlemad) Klauss, Sword God & (Skyripples) Serpent Tamer Eridanus
April 30, 2017
Lius Lasahido (West): (Dormant) Emane, Challenger of Gods & (Blindfolded) Wicked-Eyed Quester
Wang Song (East): (Unaware) Mélisande, Demon Within & (Precise Eyes) Falcon Sharpshooter
May 14, 2017
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme (West): (Defiled) Chaos-Ruined Barthelemy & (Monstrous) Sanat, Greed's Master
KidKidKid (East): (Take Wing) Ominous Seraph Equelle & (Amusia) Diva Princess Luschka
May 31, 2017
Kera (West): (Taboo Gift) Lady Eden, Wise Sage & (Charmer) Enervation Ouranos
Johannes Voß (East): (Sheen) Liberated Princess Ampheres & (Sanctorium) Battle Saint Téa
June 14, 2017
Yang Mansik (West): (Inspecting) Eugenie, Mind Guardian & (Foremost) Tubal-Cain, Lost General
Junggeun Yoon (East): (Downed) Nirva, Pewter-Winged Angel & (Spiteseek) Moria, Chaining Hatred
June 30, 2017
Jongchul Lee (West): (Shortcut) Hoard-Crusher Lucinda & (Asset) Alita, Goddess of Commerce
Atents (East): (Grant) Ymir the Seeking Creation & (Unsettled) Milla, Ruins Sovereign
July 14, 2017
Shuichi Wada (West): (City Prowler) Cat Burglar Nera & (Lovesick) Belstegia the Scholar
Bruno Wagner (East): (Reverberate) Pamella, Forest Siren & (Assigned) Spellbinder St. Kirstroa
July 31, 2017
Alon Chou (West): (Antibind) Segnos, Duosaber Holder & (Awful) Amadeo, Flying Death God
Donfoo (East): (Solemnity) Temple Knight Fortunata & (Willing) Vilja, Divinity Mastered
August 14, 2017
Pencil1203 (West): (Stolen Away) Elegant Emperatriz & (Frostwings) Chill-Enduring Elenoa
Ada Zhang (East): (Light Evil) Godly Demon Mansemat & (Elementary) Prestidigitator Rupert
August 31, 2017
Choi Tae Huyn (West): (Echosense) Lilito the Silent & (Reject) Sayla, Losing Discretion
Guicaimumu (East): (Tear) Eirene, Eternal Peace Seeker & (Soft) Miraculite Holder Hyudel
September 14, 2017
Hyojin Ahn (West): (Inveigling) Seductive Shadow Loyda & (Jade Swells) Ocean Goddess Ylva
Eve Ventrue (East): (Calmbreath) Pure Wind Spirit Evita & (Dark Hold) Seins, Holy Eradicator
September 30, 2017
David Gaillet (West): (Mane) Reigning Kings Regulus & Leo & (Withdrawn) Jealous Queen Sabina
OXAN (East): (Articulate) Undercover White Queen & (Salvaging) Inspired Queen Clover
October 14, 2017
Yu Cheng Hong (West): (Reserve) Vanilla, Accursed Lady & (Fractured) Vesa, Sword Salvager
Liang Xing (East): (Unassertive) Marvelous Fairy Raili & (High-Minded) Fealty Sworn Blandine
October 31, 2017
Jung Myung Lee (West): (Rageland) Chiara, Paragon Vessel & (Reticence) Proud Silver Leone
Crow God (East): (Great Sympathy) Dutiful Volkhardt & (Stalk) Ullr, Godsend Rival Hunter
November 14, 2017
Songjjang100 (West): (Selfheart) Shemhaza, Angel No More & (Resistive) Engset, Noble Lady
Piotr Jablonski (East): (Indigent) Ashberry, Dark Chief & (Curse-Trapped) Moral Demon Rutoi
November 30, 2017
Lius Lasahido (West): (Betrayed) Gesualdo, Duel Seeker & (Irrational) Obnian the Ferocious
Rui Li (East): (Drawn) Sora, Fairy Swordself & (Revoked) Trieneth, Revived Queen
December 14, 2017
Kyoungmin Park (West): (Wheedling) Fickle Vampiress & (Luck's Song) Travelling Bard Iifa
Kera (East): (Evaluation) Silent Mermaid & (Unmalicious) Pure Snow Maiden


January 4, 2018
Tatiana Kirgetova (West): (Exuberant Heart) Pining Alma & (Appealing) Holy Servant Antoinette
Reynan Sanchez (East): (Chainlink) Demitri, Holding Tight & (Consigned) Gato, Agent of Enmity
January 16, 2018
Chin Jing Hui (West): (Bladepoint) Swordsorceress Izleya & (Perplexity) Duteous Seraph Abdiel
MingzhuYang (East): (Bibliosoph) Motty, Master Scribe & (Downthrow) Evil Knight King Loser
January 31, 2018
NOX (West): (Probity) Valorous Princess Beatrix & (Indifferent) Dissolute Grimalkin
XRCG (East): (Soaring Hope) Skyrising Alette & (Consumptive) Fused Swordsman Juskt
February 15, 2018
James Ryman (West): (Menacing) Eubleus the Destructive & (Obsessed) Dark Apprentice Warlock
Puppeteer Lee (East): (Driving) Morrigan, Battle Sparker & (Doubtful) Dignified Mermaid Fiore
February 28, 2018
Evan Lee (West): (Mindtrip) Anje, Dreamer of Legends & (Transfuse) Jagra, Incensed Dynamo
Zinna Du (East): (Eternal Life) Els the Ill Omen & (Comfortless) Spirit Princess Odiah