Magna Mater the Vigilante


"The Duskwings" was an organization whose members all desired revenge. Whether against bandits, royalty, or monsters, they would work together to see to the downfall of each comrade's desired target. The Duskwings knew that while fighting against corruption individually was folly, they were unstoppable as a unit. And the very first Duskwing, known only as "Magna Mater", continued to hunt for further allies under the dark of night. After all, she desired for all the world to face its retribution.


Name originEdit

Magna Mater means "Great Mother" in Latin and was used as a title for various Roman goddesses.

Great Mother of the Gods, also called Cybele, Cybebe, or Agdistis, ancient Oriental and Greco-Roman deity, known by a variety of local names. Her full official Roman name was Mater Deum Magna Idaea (Great Idaean Mother of the Gods). Originally great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor (now in west-central Turkey). She was the counterpart of Roman goddess of abundance and fertility Ops or Opis (Latin: "Plenty"), Greek the Titaness "mother of gods" Rhea, her mother the Earth-goddess Gaia, and the Harvest-Mother goddess Demeter.

Additional infoEdit

Artwork by Kazuhiro Oya.

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