Machdrake Knight Basil


A breed of dragons with deep red manes, referred to as "machdrakes" for their incredible speed, was on the verge of extinction. Their beautiful silver scales, which shined with intense brightness, never failed to fetch a high price, and they had been hunted endlessly as a result. But Basil, a spellblade and dragon knight, would have rather seen the destruction of her own people then lose her long-time allies. Using her magic to command a fleet of the nimble dragons, she took out dragon hunters' airships one by one.


Name originEdit

The name Basil means "royal, kingly"; has origins from the male Greek name Vassilios which first appeared during the Hellenistic period. It is derived from "basileus", a Greek word of pre-Hellenic origin meaning "king", from which words such as basilica and basilisk (via Latin), as well as the eponymous herb (via Old French) derive, and the name of the Italian region Basilicata, which had been long under the rule of the Byzantine Emperor (also called basileus). Used mostly in Czech, English, French, and German languages. In Arabic means "valiant, brave".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Jung Myung Lee.

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