Lotesha, Stony Witch


Lotesha and her adoptive siblings knew that their kind father had a dark side. The very same hand that had taken in Lotesha and raised her in the ways of the honorable Regulators committed untold transgressions. However, fearing the consequences, she had turned a blind eye to his evildoing until tragedy ensued. Unable to place the blame upon her foster parent, she prepared to hunt down his murderer, Yuis.


  • Highest Reward, altogether 256+ cards, for the Circle of Betrayal Raid Event set for August 21st, 2014:
    • Final rank 1-50 (x2), 51-200.
    • Guild Rank 1.
    • Lucky rank 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 6,000.
    • Mega lucky rank 777 (x2).
  • Rereleased on December 22, 2014 as Returning UR in the Snowfrost Festival Grab Bag Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Lotesha is probably a variant of English Latesha and American Latisha, a modern variants of the medieval English name Letitia and French Laeticia. It was in use in England during the Middle Ages, usually in the spelling Lettice, and it was revived in the 18th century. Derived literally from the Latin word laetitia meaning "joy, happiness".

Additional InfoEdit

Featured on the banner of the Circle of Betrayal Raid Event.

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