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Lorentz will not abide by the inexplicable. Neither will he tolerate the existence of a being loftier than himself. His scheme to eliminate the Shadow King concluded, now he seeks to extract the power that once supported him. He gained a new power from the scarlet crystal, though that brought with it another mystery. "How do i claim this one's strength for my own?" A thin smile formed on his face as he observed "It" from his own personal dimension.


Added on 20 May, 1014 as a part of Master of Fate 2 Card Pack. Highest ATK/DEF Ranking Reward Card for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places.

Name origin

Lorentz is originally German name derived from the Roman surname, Laurentius, which mean "from Laurentum". Laurentum was a city south of Rome known for its laurel trees which are the symbol for honor, peace and victory.

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