Long-Locks Lauretta


Lauretta's young eyes once saw her grandmother Waltraud as a heroine. She had been one of the many who adored her and her dignified attitude, yet such sentiment was now a distant memory. It was due to Waltraud and her instruction in the killing arts that Lauretta came to have such long, thick hair. Whenever she looked at it, for all of its golden color, it only served as a reminder of her past imprudence. 


Added on September 26, 2014 as a Final Ranking Reward during Gilt Blades Raid Event.

Name originEdit

Lauretta is an Italian feminine name, a variant of Laura of Latin origin; the meaning is "the bay, or laurel plant". A variant of Loretta (Italian). In classical times, a crown was made from the leaves of the bay laurel for heroes or victors as a symbol of honor and victory. Also can be from Spanish roots, with the meaning "pure".

Additional InfoEdit

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