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Chrona is the master of lifespans. Each clock lining the walls of her airborne temple may vary in tempo from the others, but all possess a singular shared trait: There will come a day when they stop. At that moment, the discontinuance of each signals more than just the halting of gears; it signals when life ends, matter erodes, or Neotellus itself fals into ruin.


Added on July 2, 2014 as a part of Voyage of Legends 13 Card Pack.

Name origin[]

Chrona comes from the Ancient Greek word Χρόνος (Chronos, also transliterated as Khronos or Latinized as Chronus) that means "time".

Chronos is the personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature. Chronos was imagined as a god, serpentine shape in form, with three heads—those of a man, a bull, and a lion. He and his consort, serpentine Ananke (Inevitability), circled the primal world egg in their coils and split it apart to form the ordered universe of earth, sea and sky. In the Orphic cosmogony, the unaging Chronos produced Aether and Chaos, and made a silvery egg in the divine Aether. It produced the hermaphroditic god Phanes, who gave birth to the first generation of gods and is the ultimate creator of the cosmos.

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