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What is Legend of the Cryptids?[]

Legend of the Cryptids is a popular TCG MMORPG where players can collect and use cards, based on ancient and modern mythology, to battle against other players or progress through special limited time quests and events.

Who made Legend of the Cryptids?[]

The game was developed and published by the Japanese based company, Applibot, and later Mynet Inc.

When was Legend of the Cryptids released?[]

The game was first released May 10, 2012 for iOS. The game was later released on August 15, 2012 and May 25, 2013 for Android and Facebook respectively.

What platforms is the game on?[]

Legend of the Cryptids is available on iOS, Android, and Facebook as an app.

Who created the art in Legend of the Cryptids?[]

The art was created by independent Artists from sites like deviantART. who are paid a commission by Applibot for letting them use their work.

Can I make suggestions for the game?[]

Yes. Suggestions can be made to Applibot at the following emails:

  • iOS: legend_support@mynet.co.jp
  • Android: ad_legend_support@mynet.co.jp


How do I play Legend of the Cryptids?[]

Collect cards and use them to either battle against other players, or participate in events. For more information, see Legend of the Cryptids gameplay.

How do I get cards?[]

Progress through quests and events. Achieving certain ranks in events will earn you various cards. You can also trade for cards with other players. Additionally, cards are available in both free as well as paid Card Packs.

What role do elements play?[]

Every player is required to pick an element at the start of the game: Fire, Water, or Forest. Using a card of the same element as you will give a 5% increase to that card's stats in battle. In general however, there are few major differences between cards of various elements.

Can I use cards of a different element?[]

Yes you can. Although keep in mind that using cards of your element does grant you a 5% boost of your cards' stats in battle. Other than that, there is no penalty for using cards of different elements.

How many cards can I hold?[]

It depends. By default, every player begins with a card holding limit of 50. Earlier versions of the game decided card allowance limits based on the number of slots filled in your Card Gallery. It was then decided based on a broad and ambiguous level range, with the limit increasing by five after reaching a certain level range. As of January 17, 2013 card allowance limits are based on a more clearly defined level range, with the limit increasing by one every five levels starting from level one.

How do I get more parameter points?[]

Parameter points can be gained in the following ways:

  • Completing a sub-chapter in non-event quests (1 point)
  • Defeating a boss in the non-event quests (2 points)
  • Leveling up (3 points)
  • Adding a new friend (5 points)

How do I lose parameter points?[]

Parameter points can only be lost by removing friends or being removed from a friend list. It is important to note that removing more than one friend a day will cause you to lose an additional point for each additional friend removed.


What do Power Potions do?[]

Power Potions recharge all of your attack and defense power. They come in both bound and unbound equivalents, with the bound equivalents being untradeable.

What do Energy Drinks do?[]

Energy Drinks, like their namesake suggests, recharge all of your energy. They come in both bound and unbound equivalents, with the bound equivalents being untradeable.

Where do I find Energy Drinks/Power Potions?[]

Potions are found from a variety of sources. They can be acquired through progression through quests and events from defeating bosses. They can also be acquired as a reward from achieving certain ranks in events. Other then those methods, they must be acquired through trade with other players, or from in-game purchases using real currency.

What are Coins for?[]

Coins are a form of in-game currency used for a variety of actions such as enhancing and evolving cards.

Where can I find Coins?[]

Coins can be acquired through the direct sale of cards to the game, using the sell option when viewing a card. Additionally, they can be acquired through progression of quests and participation in certain events. Lastly, they can be acquired through trade with other players.


How does enhancing work?[]

Enhancement relies on the sacrifice of other cards to increase a card's level and strengh.

How much experience do enhancer cards give?[]

It depends on the element and power level of the enhancer cards. Cards of the same element as the one being enhanced give a bonus to experience. As well, enhancer cards of a higher power level also give more.


How does evolution work?[]

By using two identical cards, you can combine them to create a more powerful version of the card. A percentage of the two previous cards' stats is carried over to the new card. The new card will have its skill level and level reset back to one.

How much is the carry over from evolution?[]

Depends on the two base cards and their level. Cards that are maxed contribute 10% of their current stats over to the next evolution. Non-maxed cards contribute only 5%, regardless of level.


How do I trade cards?[]

Go to either the in-game message boards or the guild chat channels to find or post trades. You can also use the trade search engine to find trade partners based on level or by a player's specific name. Additionally, you can also use off-game places such as various message boards or Facebook pages to find trades.

What can I use to trade?[]

Trades can be made using either Energy Drinks or Power Potions, or Coins or other cards. The dominant form of trade usually involves potions.

Is there an in-game trade listing interface?[]

No. It is not currently known whether such an interface is in the works, or if there are any plans for such a thing.


How do card skills work?[]

Many cards in the game possess Skills which result in certain effects in battle. Skills can increase or decrease attack or defense for either player. As well, skills can have certain effects in certain events like Raid Events and Battle Royales.

Which cards have skills?[]

All Rare and Ultra Rare cards, as well as their evolved counterparts, have skills. As well, many Common cards possess skills.

Can card skills level up?[]

Yes they can. This is accomplished by using cards with skills to enhance a card.

How does skill leveling work?[]

Skill enhancement works based on probability, with each skilled card contributing to the probability of leveling up a skill. The exact percentage each card contributes depends the rarity of both the enhancer card, as well as the card being enhanced. The more skilled enhancer cards, the higher the probability of leveling up a skill.

What effect does leveling up a card's skill have?[]

Increasing a card's skill level increases the effect it has, whether in battle or in an Event.


How does battling work?[]

Battling is simply a one-on-one fight of cards between two players. Players who initiate battle utilize their cards' total attack, while those defending utilize their cards' total defense. Whoever comes out with a higher number at the end wins. Since defending is an automatic process independent of player control, it is not required for both players to be online in order for battles to take place.

What does power level signify for cards?[]

In order for cards to be used to their full extent in battle, they require a certain amount of attack or defense power from their owner. Cards on offense require attack power, while cards defending require defense power. If you do not possess enough power to meet a card's needs, the card's stats will scale down to use what power is available. If a certain amount of power is not available, a card may be excluded from battle entirely.

What is a front line?[]

Your front line is composed of five cards who get first priority in battle. These cards will get first dibs on your attack or defense power, and will operate at maximum efficiency in battle. Additionally, these cards will each have the chance to activate their skills.

What is a back line?[]

Your back line is composed of any cards not in your front line. In a battle, once your front line uses up their share of your available power, the remaining is used to bring in your remaining cards in battle. However, cards in your back line will only contribute 80% of their attack/defense in battle. Furthermore, cards in your back line will not be able to activate skills. However, they will still benefit from skill activation by your front line.

What determines skill activation rate?[]

The chance of skill activation in battle is completely random. However, the first card in your front line will almost always activate its skill in battle.

How many skills can activate at in a battle?[]

A maximum of three, with at least one skill activating in most cases.

Will my boost skills affect my opponent too?[]

No. Your boost skills only affect your cards.

Will my drop skills affect my own cards?[]

No. Your drop skills will only affect your opponent's cards.

Do my skills stack?[]

Yes they do. Skill effects will stack on top of one another as they activate.

Who can I battle?[]

Players may battle with any other player in the game. However, the game takes level discrepancy into account. If the attacking player is at too high a level compared to the defending player, a mechanism called "Divine Punishment" will kick in, causing the attacking player to lose automatically.


How do Guilds work?[]

Guilds are similar to many other games in that they are organizations of players who share common goals and interests.

How do I join a guild?[]

Simply go to a guild's page, and either request membership using the built-in option, or ask the guild's leader or one of their sub-leaders (if available). Each guild will have it's own requirements for membership, so be sure you meet them.

What benefits do I get from being in a guild?[]

Most events in the game hand out rewards for both participation at an individual level, as well as a group level. Being part of a guild entitles you to receive both individual rewards and guild rewards. The better your guild does, the more rewards you'll receive. As well, guilds help provide support during events such as during boss battles in Raid Events. Additionally, many guilds provide in-group services such as enhancing and trading services, with many offering trade discounts for guild members.

Can I create my own guild?[]

Yes. Anyone may create a guild at any time.

Can I leave my guild?[]

Yes. Anyone may leave their guild at any time. However, some events may lock players in their respective guilds during the course of the event. Furthermore, leaving a guild during an event when allowed will automatically disqualify you from receiving guild rewards, should they not be handed out before leaving.


How do events work?[]

Events are special limited time events where players compete with each other in order to achieve certain ranks. Certain ranks award players with various kinds of rewards, with higher ranks offering greater rewards. The requirements for each event depend on the specific event itself.

How does "Forge Ahead" work?[]

This feature is available in both Odyssey and Raid events. Activating this feature will allow you to plow through an entire sub chapter in the event quest in one go. The game will automatically calculate energy spent, and will automatically award you with coins, cards, and event items entitled to you for progressing. However, if you run out of energy, run into a raid boss, or level up, you will automatically stop advancing. If you are stopped, you must either get more energy, or you may go back to the event quest activate the feature again until you reach the end, or stop for any of the above reasons.

Does it matter if I use an older or newer card with an event based skill?[]

Yes. Raid cards offer a large boost to boss damage in base form, and a great boost when evolved only if they are newly released during the event. Additionally, raid skills will only give full boosts when used against specific bosses during the event, such as hidden or secret bosses. After event completion, they will only offer a medium boost, whether evolved or unevolved.

The same applies to point boosts for Battle Royale based cards. Additionally, skill suppression skills will only work for the Battle Royale which the card was released in.

Odyssey Events[]

How do Odysseys work?[]

In Odyssey Events, players progress through Quest like storylines, encountering bosses along they way which must be defeated. The main measure of progress is the collection of special event-specific items that appear along the way.

How often do the items appear?[]

The drop rate is completely random. Every time you advance, you have a random chance to receive the event items.

Can I make the items appear more often?[]

The rate is determined in-game and as such there is no way to alter it. However, players may alter the amount of item dropped with each appearance through various ways. Using the event's Skill Card can give up to 5x the amount of items, defeating a boss temporarily doubles the amount of item dropped for a limited time. As well, players may purchase special potions called Faerie's Blessings which triple the amount of item dropped with each appearance.

What's the most important attribute to have?[]

Since the event measures success purely on items collected, which indirectly is a measure of pure progress through the Odyssey quests, Energy is the most important. However, some attack power may be beneficial since the bosses drop event items upon defeat.

Do I need a strong deck to succeed?[]

No, but a strong front line may be beneficial in maximizing item drops from boss battles, since the amount dropped is based on your front line.

Raid Events[]

How do Raids work?[]

In Raid Events, players progress through Quest like storylines, encountering bosses along the way which must be defeated. Additionally, special bosses appear randomly which must be defeated using your front line cards. The main measure of progress is the cumulative damage done to these random bosses throughout the event.

How much damage do my front line cards do?[]

Damage is determined based on the rarity and attack of your front line cards. The more attack your cards have, the more damage they do. However, your cards only contribute a fraction of their total combined attack during each boss attack. As well, Ultra Rare cards possess a special bonus to damage which allows them to do more damage then lower rarity cards of the same attack.

Can I increase the damage my cards do?[]

Yes. This can be done by including cards with Raid Boss Skills in your front line. Many Rare and Ultra Rare cards give bonuses to front line damage, while others block boss attacks.

Do raid skills always activate?[]

No. Their activation chance is random, with times when raid skills do not activate at all. Although the event's boss skill cards have a very high chance to be activated.

Do raid skills stack?[]

No. Only one skill can activate at once during an attack, and the boosts only last during the moment a skill was activated.

Can I have more than one raid card in my front line?[]

Yes. The caveat to this is that only three skills may activate during one boss attack. As such, having more than three raid cards in battle may be redundant. However, having more raid cards offers a higher chance that one of them will activate in a boss attack.

How does "Full Scale Attack" work?[]

This feature will allow you to use up all of your current attack power in order to create one powerful attack against a raid boss. The game will automatically calculate damage as if you made multiple attack attempts using all of your attack power, while also giving you an additional 20% boost to damage, not including boosts from raid cards. This feature can only be used three times a day.

What is the most important attribute?[]

Attack power. Since each boss attack uses a certain amount of attack power, having more will afford more attack attempts on one bar of attack power. However, a certain amount of energy may be useful for faster progression of the raid's storyline quests.

Battle Royales[]

How do Battle Royales work?[]

In Battle Royales, guilds battle against each other in one-hour one-one-one matches. Guild members must attack opposing members to gain points. Whichever guild possess the most points at the end of the session wins the battle. The main measure of success is the amount of points gained by guilds throughout the event.

Do I need a guild to participate?[]

Yes. However, individual participation is possible by creating a guild specifically for yourself. This is not recommended for players seriously competing in the event, as the rewards place a heavy emphasis on group play.

How much points do I get for winning a battle?[]

It depends. Points winnings are determined by the overall strength of the opposing player, as well as by the amount of attack power used. The greater the amount of attack power used, the greater the points won. As well, a bonus multiplier is awarded for defeating certain guild members, such as leaders and sub-leaders.

Can I increase the amount of points won?[]

Yes. This is achieved by including cards with Battle Royale skills in your front line.

Do I get points for defending?[]

Yes. Each attack defended awards the player 500 points.

What are ramparts?[]

They are guild structures which reduce the points won by opposing guilds by half. They must be attacked and destroyed by opposing guilds to remove this penalty. Ramparts reduce the amount of damage done in battle to a fraction of full damage.

What role does the attack leader play?[]

The attack leader/s gain a bonus to damage dealt in battle. As well, they also gain a bonus multiplier to points won in battle.

What role does the defense leader play?[]

The defense leader gains a bonus to their total defense in battle. In order to battle other guild members, opposing guilds must first defeat the defense leader in a battle.

Do I need a strong deck to be successful?[]

In many cases, yes. A strong deck will allow you to more easily defeat opposing guild members, like the defense leader. However, many opposing guild members invest parameter points solely in attack and/or energy. As such, these members can be defeated with little effort in most cases. However, most of these opponents will offer less points from winning then others with higher defense and stronger defensive lines.


What do I do if my game freezes/crashes/fails to load?[]

This problem can often be alleviated by closing the app process and restarting it. This can be accomplished by doing the following:

For iOS:

1. Go to the home screen 2. Double tap the home button 3. Press and hold the icon until you see a red minus (-) 4. Click the minus 5. WAIT 10 seconds (this is an important step!) 6. Reopen the game

My raid boss' is gone, but still shows up during event quests and won't let me find another boss! What do I do?[]

This issue can be resolved by doing the following:

For a Boss that escaped: Click on the 'Go to Boss Battle' button on the quest screen - this will tell you that the boss is gone, but reset your ability to find another boss or be called to battle.

For a Boss that was repelled: Go to the 'Event Top' page, and claim your rewards from the most recent battle. Claiming your rewards will reset the fact that the boss was defeated and allow you to find another boss or be called to battle.

Who do I contact for technical issues?[]

Please see Applibot for any technical issues with the game. They can be contacted at the following emails:

  • iOS: legend_support@mynet.co.jp
  • Android: ad_legend_support@mynet.co.jp

Currently, telephone support is not available.

Does Applibot have a troubleshooting FAQ?[]

Yes. It is available here.

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