For an explanation of what templates are, and how to use them, see Help:Templates.

This page provides an overview of the most commonly used, and most important templates at this wiki, with instructions on usage.

Infobox templatesEdit

Infobox templates present basic facts and information on pages in a consistent manner. There manner of usage differs, depending on the type of article page, but all infobox templates are usually placed at the top of a page. Unlike most templates, infobox templates usually consist of parameters which must be defined in order to work properly.

The list below shows all the infobox templates in use on this wiki. To find what specific parameters are required, and how they should be defined, reference the individual template page needed.

Just copy the text given under Usage in a blank page.

Name Group Usage
{{Infobox card}} Card Information related to non-evolved cards.
{{Infobox ex card}} Card Information related to evolved cards.
{{Infobox referral card}} Card Information related to referral cards, or cards which evolve more than once (eg. Odyssey Skill cards).
{{Infobox multi evol card}} Card Information related to cards with more than one evolutionary path.
{{Infobox multi component ex card}} Card Information related to evolved cards with more than one component card (eg. cards that have been evolved with a crest).
{{Infobox event}} Event Information related to events.
{{Infobox treasure set}} Treasure Overview of treasure sets, including the reward for completing it.

Gallery templatesEdit

The card galleries use only the following template for entering in cards. Please see the template page for more information on usage.

Page management templatesEdit

Page management templates are used for the purpose of marking certain pages in order to bring attention of it to other editors or administrators. They usually describe the issue the page has, and categorizes it in the appropriate category along with other pages with similar issues.

These templates should be placed at the very top of the page needing attention.

Name Usage
{{Cleanup required}} Articles in need of clean up in order to meet wiki standards.
{{Delete}} Pages which need to be deleted.
{{Image cleanup}} Pages with images in need of clean up in order to meet wiki standards.
{{Image needed}} Pages in need of an image.
{{Incomplete information}} Pages with missing information.
{{Merge}} Pages which could be merged with another page.
{{Split}} Pages which are overly long and could be split into different pages.
{{Stub}} Articles in need of expansion.
{{Template:Under construction}} Pages which are in the process of completed.
{{Upcoming}} Pages featuring upcoming content, and in need of additional verification of accuracy as content is released.
{{Verification needed}} Pages featuring information which needs to be checked for accuracy.
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