• SpecialOperationsTrooper

    I've gone through quite a life of thrills, skills, deep chills and monstrous proportions. I've made a Philanthropist Extraordinaire of myself in fact. Train in sword, skateboard, cyber knight, am a U.N.S.C. Rogue SPARTAN and a master ranger on RuneS…

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  • EvilDenied

    Name of Blog

    December 8, 2018 by EvilDenied

    Why can not make LoС on the PC?

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  • Tayloi

    Personal Post, all of the cards I still want to own. Plus a list of Kera artwork so I can remember which ones I need.

    Collecting is hard.

    This list is dead after I sold 90% of it in my quitting sales, and is only left here as a reminder of my awesome …

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  • Tayloi


    September 26, 2016 by Tayloi

    Sometimes I wish I wasn't into making pages for this wiki... I think it's after me. :U

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  • PeteAKApervy

    help me help wiki

    April 7, 2016 by PeteAKApervy

    If you've got anything not showing up on wiki's gallery , hit me up. message me here or on loc and i'll check it out. My ign is peteAKApervy

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  • CancerSnake23


    August 8, 2015 by CancerSnake23

    Hi i'm CancerSnake 23, I am new to this stuff so please be patient with me. 

    DeelCJ if you see this blog hit me up.

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  • GhostxRandom

    Emelia, War Maiden

    October 23, 2014 by GhostxRandom

    I recently joined this Wikia and i just wanted to know how long does it usually take to get new cards on the site. Is it a matter of which member puts it up first or is there a team that post the new releases? Any comments?

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  • NoobyToons


    So I'm a common collector on the iOS version of LoC. I collect really cool looking commons because I feel like some of the commons on LoC look like they'd be URs yet they aren't because LoC tends to only like boobalicious booby boob boobsters ar…

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  • Myste Skye


    September 10, 2014 by Myste Skye

    Placed on hold... this could be deleted

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  • Odelgard

    Taken from Amphitere :)

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  • Odelgard

    Well im telling you its hard! You need plenty of hours spent, the kindness of your guild mates and a couple of good friends to help you start rolling! And always remember that you have to be sincere and honest as well as to return the kindness you r…

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  • Hemphlev


    This guide is designed to assist defense leaders specifically in creating and maintaining the best possible deck for defending in Battle Royale Matches. Feel free to comment and suggest improvement below.

    It is assumed throughout thi…

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  • Cheeseballz


    May 12, 2014 by Cheeseballz


    How much is POC worth?

    I’ve been trying to trade for an Old Entellous or Sakuya and have plenty of trades.

    Even been offered Rm Ios and Pm Daha, or Entellous + 1k pots etc.

    How much is POC really worth? Is it possible for me to get two Entello…

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  • DearJuliet

    I've been checking the trade board on this website recently and it look like prices are going down to normal. I also heard that cloners were stopped, is this true? If true then I think I will continue playing more~! Very happy! 

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  • Locartfan

    The first I knew of this game were their drawings. From the first moment I was fascinated by them. As an artist I am very interested in studying the art of the artists of these cards and, therefore, I decided to create a catalog of the best drawings…

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