The Legend of the Cryptids Wiki is an online encyclopedia-style database dedicated to being the best and most comprehensive resource for the Legend of the Cryptids out there, edited and maintained by the same people who love and enjoy the game.


The site was first created on June 7, 2012 by Shane613. In its infancy, the wiki's database contained only information on the most popular cards available. Soon afterwards, a trading page was added to offer an additional place to make in-game trades, as well as the ever popular and ever controversial pricing guides. Over the following months, the wiki expanded to cover game concepts, and event information as well. A card gallery built to mirror the in-game version was also created.

Over the following months, controversy and disagreement began to derail the Ultra Rare Price Guide. Months of tension finally boiled over on November 13, 2012 when the price guide was shut down temporarily. Over the next few weeks, the community came together to develop a newer and better price guide.

During the development period, several features of the wiki were expanded. The card galleries were revamped and expanded to more closely follow changes in the in-game gallery. As well, the card database was further expanded to include more of the rarer cards. This major expansion came as a result of new methods developed to find information related to cards.

On November 30 2012, through continual discussion and collaboration, the Ultra Rare Price Guide was brought back with an improved system of accountability, and a new look. As well, an Android version was also released. Several more days would be needed before the guide would be fully functional.

Today, the site now features the most up-to-date card database for LOC, and now includes player guides. Though the site is no longer as busy as it once was, in part due to declining popularity for the game, it is still the foremost hub for fans of both LOC and the artwork drawn by the many talented artists who work for Applibot.

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