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Lore[edit | edit source]

Legend spoke of the ice spirit Kalha and her lone journey throughout Neotellus. She had once resided amongst the frozen peaks, yet that changed when her friends were accosted and slaughtered by fiery demons. So intense was her fury that she released a chill cold enough to freeze flame itself. It was said that should she become sufficiently enraged, she could solidify the sun into a massive sphere of ice.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Added on February 5, 2015 as a part of Dusk of Survival 9 Card Pack.

Name origin[edit | edit source]

Kahla (Persian: كهلا‎, also Romanized as Kahlā; also known as Kāhīla) is a village in Bizineh Rud Rural District, Bizineh Rud District, Khodabandeh County, Zanjan Province, Iran.

Additional Info[edit | edit source]

Deals up to 8x the front line damage to the Secret Boss during Vengeance Rises Raid Event at Skill Lvl 10.

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