Kaguya, Lunar Princess


Kaguya would become overwhelmed by melancholic homesickness whenever she gazed upon the moon that was her home. It had been years since she had fled the internal strife of the royal family to the surface of Neotellus, yet there had been nary a sign she could return. As she touched its reflection in the limpid river, all that assuaged her loneliness were the moon-worshipping rabbits.


Added on October 13, 2014 as a part of Rising Sun Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Kaguya, Kaguya-hime, or Princess Kaguya (means "shining" in Japanese) is the main character in "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" (Taketori Monogatari), also known as "Princess Kaguya" (Kaguya Hime), a 10th-century folktale, thought to be the oldest Japanese folktale. It primarily details the life of a mysterious and very beautiful girl called Kaguya-hime, who was discovered as a baby inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant by Okina (literally, "old fella") and nursed by his wife Ona ("woman"). She is said to be from Tsuki-no-Miyako ("The Capital of the Moon").

The Moon rabbit in folklore is a rabbit that lives on the Moon, based on pareidolia that identifies the markings of the Moon as a rabbit. The story exists in many cultures, prominently in East Asian folklore and Aztec mythology. In East Asia, it is seen pounding in a mortar and pestle.

Additional InfoEdit

Third double skill card.

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