Juliet's Greedy Mother


Dazzling jewels of peerless splendor... this is what the Lady sought. And she had no qualms about selling out her own daughter to obtain them. Her avarice knew no bounds, and besides, she did not care much for the child. So when Galvin offered her untold riches in exchange for Juliet, she accepted the proposal with unbridled glee. And no sooner had she done so than she immediately began plotting to hand over her daughter.


Added on November 12, 2013 as a part of Star-Crossed Epic Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Capulet is one of two rival families from William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Juliet's mother is a wife of Lord Capulet and the matriarch of the house of Capulet. "Lady Capulet" bore her first child by the time she was 14, Juliet's age, and her husband is many years older than she. She wants Juliet to marry Count Paris and persuade her to do so. She becomes very angry with Juliet for refusing to marry Paris and coldly rejects her.

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