Jolly Thief Almdina


The huge job came but once each year. Dressed in a deep crimson, Almdina commanded goblins to assist in her plundering of gifts. This year, however, things were slightly different. Of great convenience to Almdina, a throng of monsters and spirits had gathered to assist Santa, which would provide the greatest pretense for her own helpers. All replied with a resounding, "Yes, ma'am! Leave it to us!" when she told them of her plan to grab the presents and run at her command. And so the band set to work as they scrambled to and fro, waiting for Almdina's signal.


Added on December 24, 2014 as a part of Chains of Vengeance Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Almdina is probably a misspelled variant of Bosnian feminine names Almedina and Elmedina. Bosnian names originally are a variant forms of Arabic name Medina, derived from al Madīna meaning "the town".

Additional InfoEdit

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