Join a Guild Campaign is a special Promotion Campaign started September, 2013. Allows you to obtain special commemorative Free UR Card. First the Card appeared as a Guild Final BR points Ranking Reward in Battle Royale XV.

Collect up to 5 UR cards and evolve them together to enjoy the story of the girl Phyllis and her dragon companion Vydra. Participate the Battle Royale Events every month and acquire the remaining Cards to complete the 14 power 5-Stage Evolution UR EX. The Skill will also evolve from "Small boost to all ATK/DEF types" to "Large boost to all ATK/DEF types" on the final Stage.

Campaign DetailsEdit

  • This Cards are bound and can't be traded or gifted.
  • You get one Card for having 5 or more members in your Guild.
  • Only one Card can be acquired by joining a Guild.
  • The rest Cards can be acquired as Battle Royale Guild Ranking Reward.
  • This special Card is only available for a limited time.

Evolution TreeEdit

(Begin) Companions Phyllis & Vydra thumb (Goal) Companions Phyllis & Vydra thumb (Rising) Connected Phyllis & Vydra thumb (Depart) Venturing Phyllis & Vydra thumb (Summit) Legendary Phyllis & Vydra thumb

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