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The '''Janbiya '''treasure set could be collected by completng [[Quest]]: [ Chapters 30-33], and also acquired through [[Battle]]s. They were ancient anklets that lit the paths under your feet. The reward for completing the set was the [ Therianthrope Awakening].
{{infobox treasure set
|name = Janbiya
|description =
<gallery widths="85" position="center" columns="3" captionalign="left">
|chapters = 30-33
|reward = Therianthrope Awakening
Red_janbiya.jpg|Red Janbiya 
|value = 5000 
Yellow_janbiya.jpg|Yellow Janbiya 
Purple_janbiya.jpg|Purple Janbiya 
Blue_janbiya.jpg|Blue Janbiya 
Green_janbiya.jpg|Green Janbiya 
Turquoise_janbiya.jpg|Turquoise Janbiya 
<span style="font-size:16px;">Value (when donated to guild)</span>
500 [ coins]

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Red Janbiya Yellow Janbiya Purple Janbiya
Blue Janbiya Green Janbiya Turquoise Janbiya
Therianthrope Awakening
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