Melo invite

Invite Campaign is a special Promotion Campaign started December 12, 2013 for the Holiday Season. Allows you to obtain special "Christmas Invite Card". Ended on 31st July, 2014.

Each time you invite a friend to play the game, both you and your friend will receive one exclusive Forest Rare Card. Collect up to 11 and evolve them together to enjoy the heartwarming story of the orphaned Melo and the kind Meldt. And on the last stage, you'll form a powerful UR EX.

Campaign DetailsEdit

  • You receive one Lonely Snow Woman & Yeti and 4,000 Friendship Points per invite.
  • One can acquire a maximum of 11 of this card, even if more friends invited.
  • This Cards are bound and can't be traded or gifted.
  • This special Card is only available for a limited time.

Evolution TreeEdit

Lonely Snow Woman & Yeti thumb (Regard) Bantering Melo & Meldt thumb (Trust) Accustomed Melo & Meldt thumb (Disperse) Beloved Snow Woman Melo thumb

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