Ina, Red Reaper of Death


Ina is known by all as "the Red Reaper of Death". The sickle she holds extracts souls from their bodies in a single stroke, sending them to hell. The wicked weapon is proof of her strength beyond other reapers of her kind. The blood of thousands stains the curved edge, never to be cleansed.


  • Added on September 24, 2013 as Reward during Heroes Colosseo IV:
    • Victory count reward - 70 wins.
    • Battle count reward - 90th Battle.
  • Rereleased on July 6, 2014 as Reward during Heroes Colosseo XIII:
    • Victory count reward - 45 wins.
  • Rereleased on December 15, 2014 in the Dragon's Hoard 7 Box Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Ina is predominantly used in Dutch, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, an Croatioan as an independent name. This developed from the diminutive of other names ending with the Latinate feminine suffix -ina. In Ireland, the name could also be a form of Agnes "pure, holy".

A reference to the personification of Death - the "Grim Reaper".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Dalisa.

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