Impetuous Hrungnir


Hrungrir has always been known to be a gentle giant. However, one should be careful about giving him even a single drop of alcohol. Whenever he is allowed to drink, he grows unbearably ill-tempered and violent.

Name OriginEdit

Hrungnir (Old Norse "brawler") was a jötunn in Norse mythology, slain by the god Thor with his hammer Mjölnir. The account is documented in the Skáldskaparmál, in the Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson.

Prior to his demise, Hrungnir engaged in a wager with Odin in which Odin stakes his head on his horse, Sleipnir, being faster than Hrungnir's steed Gullfaxi. During the race, which Sleipnir wins, Hrungnir enters Valhalla, and there becomes drunk and abusive. After they grow weary of him, the gods call on Thor to battle Hrungnir.

Additional InfoEdit

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