Impending Peg Powler


Peg Powler is a beautiful Cryptid capable of manipulating water. However, when it appears before people, it tends to appear as a ugly creature or an androgynous youth. Few have seen Peg Powler's true form.


Name OriginEdit

The Peg Powler is a hag from English folklore with a green skin, long hair and sharp teeth who is said to inhabit the River Tees. She grabs the ankles of those who wander too close to the water's edge, especially naughty children, and pulls them under the water and drowns them; in Middleton In Teesdale this is referred to as the High Green ghost. It is highly similar to the Dutch folklore figure Haantje Pik, the Slavic water spirit Vodyanoy, and the German water spirit Hastrman. Grindylows and Jenny Greenteeth are similar water spirits.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Boss in 13th Chapter during Revenge of the Ancients Odyssey Event.
  • This card is one of the few in the game whose stats do not follow a known pattern (max = base * 2.5).

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