Ill-Fated Max & Bladia


Max learned that his dear companion Bladia was an enemy spy. He was ordered to kill her, and failure to do so meant his life would be forfeit. At the same time, knowing her position had been compromised, Bladia was ordered to annihilate Max's country before daybreak. Though they both loved each other, they were willing to give up their lives to fulfill their respective missions.


Added on April 21, 1014 as a part of Highest ATK/DEF Ranking Reward Cards from Master of Fate Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Max is a Dutch, English, German, Scandinavian masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "greatest". Short form of Maximilian (English and German), Maximo (Spanish), Maxwell (English and Scottish) and Maxime (French).

Bladia translates from Latin as "blades".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Chanho Kang.

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