Hydarnes, Undead General


Hydarnes and the immortal infantry under her command has contributed to a majority of her country's victories. Her thousand-strong force of elite warriors continues to battle from beyond the grave. She rides on her skeleton horse, fearlessly directing the front lines. This has the added benefit of letting her see the enemies' reactions as they lose their very will to live, much less fight.


Added on April 22, 2013 as a part of Chronicles of War Card Pack.

Name OriginEdit

Hydarnes (Ancient Greek: Ὑδάρνης; Old Persian Vidarna "the ripper") was an eminent Persian, the commander of the "Ten Thousand Immortals" during the time of king Xerxes invasion of Greece.

Perhaps the most famous episode involving Satrap Hydarnes and his Immortals came at the Thermopylae in 480 BC, when they came into contact with Leonidas of Sparta.

Hydarnes is known also from an Aramaic inscription found at Armavir that states his choice of girls for his Harem.

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