Houses of the Holy was an odyssey event that was originally scheduled to run on iOS servers from May 21, 2012 until June 3, 2012. Due to an error, the event was extended an extra day. Unlike other Odyssey events, the rankings were done by the amount of floors cleared, not by how many items were collected (As that was first introduced in the CoN Event).

It is the very first event to run on Legend of the Cryptids in both iOS and Android servers.


Chapters and bossesEdit


Requirement Reward
Top Ranking Glimmering Queen of Light
Second Place Ranking Twilight's Fallen Archangel
Chapter 100 Mastema of Obstruction
Chapter 50 Ulfhedinn Guardian
Total Completion Twilight's Fallen Archangel
Solar Ring Treasure Set Dark Elf of Benevolence
Solar Comb Treasure Set Soul Overseer Elf
Solar Pendant Treasure Set Gatekeeper of Flame
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