Holy Fencer Selma


Selma was born and raised in the vast desert bordering the Atatar kingdom. In order to survive in that harsh environment, she was taught swordsmanship from a young age. Though she's known as the fiercest fighter out of all the female warriors, she is not satisfied. She takes off across the land to test her own strength against that of the prince.


Added on April 15th, 2013 during the Hell or Highwater odyssey event. Completion reward for the Letter and the Letter EX treasure sets.

Name OriginEdit

Selma is an English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Slavic feminine given name and also a surname. It is of old German origin as a variation of Anselm (male) and Anselma (female), based on Ans-, god Æsir of Germanic mythology, and -helm, meaning helmet or, metaphorically, protection or "protected by gods". It may also be a female form of Solomon.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by sucktoy.

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