The Heroes are a group of humans dedicated to protecting Neotellus from various threats. Initially, there was only one human who was known as a hero, but through this individual's display of perseverance and bravery, other humans soon joined the human's side, creating a group known collectively as the Heroes.

Though the Heroes themselves do no possess any unique powers or abilities, they are aided by various Cryptids who fight alongside providing their powers to their cause, and are summoned by the Heroes at will. In addition, they are also assisted by a fairy named Yvette, who travels with the Heroes, providing advice as well as moral support.

The Heroes are known as kind and compassionate individuals, with a strong sense of justice and morality. They are often quick to help others in need, sometimes to a fault. They have also known to demonstrate incredible perseverance and bravery in the most dire of circumstances, a quality which tends to draw allies from even enemies.


Though the Heroes' strong sense of duty and justice leads them into conflict with others, from humans and beasts, to even the gods themselves, there are several principle enemies which the Heroes find themselves fighting against continually throughout the story.

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