Hellspawn Bodyguard Ayame


Two shadows darker than black survey the ground from a castle rooftop. One belonged to the ill-fated Ayame and the other to a small horned child. As she possessed no more compassion than any other ninja, she was mystified by how fiercely she defended the young demon, to where she had abandoned her comrades and her duty as a hunter of the supernatural. Yet one look of relief and confidence from him was all it took to melt her heart.


Added on March 30, 2015 as a part of Master of Fate 12 Box Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Ayame (菖蒲) is a feminine Japanese given name; the meaning is "Iris" (plant).

Additional InfoEdit

Deals up to 10x the front line damage to the Bosses when evolved and at Level 10 during The False Prophet Raid Event.

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