Guyt, Restraining Evil


The blade had come to him through a long line of archdemons, though perhaps more accurate was that the weapon in his possession had created a long line of tyrants. While the dark aura it released gave great power, it also drowned the wielder’s soul in shadow. The transformation of its bearer complete, a scourge would befall the world. Yet this time, the cruel weapon had been forced into submission, and Guyt was its new master.


  • Added on January 11, 2015 as a Reward during Heroes Colosseo XVIII, altogether 156 cards:
    • Class SS 3 (x2), 4-6 (x2), 7-8 (x2), 9-12 (x2), 13-16 (x2), 17-21 (x2), 22-30 (x2), 31-40, 41-50.
    • Class S 1-2 (x2), 3-7 (x2), 8-12 (x2), 9-15 (x2), 16-30, 31-45.
    • Class A 1 (x2), 2-4, 5-10, 11-15.
    • Class B 1 (x2), 2.
    • Class C 1.
  • Rereleased on May 21, 2015 in the Alchemy 8 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Guyt is a surname probably of Dutch origin.

Additional InfoEdit

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