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Ereshkigal, Death Mistress
Lord of Salvation Albiga
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  • Honesty is the best policy. Lying or scamming will not be tolerated and will result in possible ban from the wiki.
  • Please be polite and treat others with respect during user interactions.
  • Please no shouting (typing in all caps). This distracts from other guilds who are not using modified fonts.
  • One guild recruit post per page per guild. Please only start one message thread on each page. Please edit your existing post if you wish to make changes.
  • Keep all guild recruit offers on this page. Do NOT use any other page to post recruitment. Requests made on any other page will be considered spam and deleted.
  • Have fun!

How to Post

  • Simply leave your guild name, guild requirements, and anything you wish to say to potential recruits in the comments below.
  • If you are not an officer in your guild, ensure you have your guild's permission before posting guild advertisements or recruit offers.

Check out the Guild page for more information on the guilds

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