Grimlian the Deathtrifler
Grimlian the Deathtrifler Appears

Grimlian the Deathtrifler Appears

Grimlian the Deathtrifler is a secret boss encountered randomly during questing in the The Lost Army raid event. Secret bosses are only encountered after defeating the two end bosses and the two hidden bosses at least once each. Secret bosses also don't show up until after half time. They are hit for double damage and the player has 2 hours to defeat them. This boss always begins with 18,000,000 hp.

The discoverer of this secret boss is awarded max 10 Carnelian Keys if the boss is defeated. Additionally, the discoverer and anybody else who participates in the battle and does at least 1,000,000 damage to the boss is rewarded with 2 Carnelian Keys.

Quotes: "The time has come to release this world from its agony and sorrow..."

"You no longer have any need for suffering. Come, take my my hand."

"I am here to provide you with freedom from the bonds of life."

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