Greedy Ice Golem

Lore Edit

The ice golem hoped and prayed that this year would be the year. Humans received holiday gifts every year, but in his entire life he had never received one. He had heard that the difference between "naughty and nice" was a crucial factor, so this year he helped many people who had gotten stranded in the snowy mountains. In spite of his efforts, Santa Claus again passed him by. The ice golem couldn't take it anymore...

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Name origin Edit

golem is an artifical human figure in Jewish folklore, created from inanimate materials and given life by the enchanted word Emet ("truth" in Hebrew) written on its forehead. Golems are commonly made from mud or clay, but fantasy writers have expanded this to include many other materials such as metal, wood and stone. The word comes from the Hebrew word gelem which means "raw material".

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