Friendship & Ticket Card Pack

Great Friendship Card Pack is the evoled Friendship Card Pack for a short period of time. First Card Pack was introduced in September, 2014. This Card Pack gives the opportunity to draw 19-PWR URs in each Element.

Friendship Points

Friendship Points

Plus for first 3 days only players could get 1000 Friendship Points during each of the following time periods (repeats almost every card pack):

  • Round 1: September 17th 5:00 am - September 18th 4:59 am (PST).
  • Round 2: September 18th 5:00 am - September 19th 4:59 am (PST).
  • Round 3: September 19th 5:00 am - September 20th 4:59 am (PST).

Friendship Points will be sent to Present List after player accesses My Page.

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