Grab Bag

Grab Bag 2 is a limited premium Card Pack available from April, 30 1014 to May 4, 2014. The pack features new one Ultra Rare and one Rare cards. Devided into 3 Card Packs: Gold 5000-Gems, Silver 3000-Gems and Bronze 1000-Gems. All Card Packs contain different quantity of Tickets and Potions; have 5-draw limit. Players might even get Tickets for powerful URs from previous series.

Cards AddedEdit

If users draw 5 times one Card Park, they get special bonuses:

  • Gold - 18-PWR & UP Garanteed (30% Lucifer) Ticket.
  • Silver - 17-PWR & UP Garanteed (1o% Lucifer) Ticket.
  • Bronze - 14-PWR & UP Garanteed (5% Lucifer) Ticket.
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