Gems are a in-game currency that can be used to purchase Card Packs and many items from the Shop, but can't be used for trading between players.

Gems can be obtained as a purchase using real money via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). They can be found by hitting the Buy Gems button in the Shop and come in various bundles:

  • 100 Gems ($0.99 USD)
  • 300 Gems ($2.99 USD)
  • 600 Gems ($5.99 USD)
  • 1,300 Gems ($11.99 USD)
  • 3,800 Gems ($34.99 USD)
  • 11,000 Gems ($99.99 USD)

NOTE: The exchange rate of foreign currencies varies between the App Store and Google Play. For example: $99.99 USD are €99.99 in the App Store but around €80 at Google Play (January 2017).

On many occasions there are Special Gem Sales with bonus gems added to the standard bundles. Most of these special bundle have a limited amount of purchases available.

Gems can be also obtained by being lucky purchasing from the Treasure Trove card pack.

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