The Friendship Card Pack is one of the standard free card packs in the game, and is available on an ongoing basis to all players.

The pack mostly contains cards from the Legends Card Pack. Common and Rare are are drawn very frequently, with the draw rate for Ultra Rare cards being extremely low. The featured card for this pack is Inured King Ricard.

The pack can be drawn in exchange for Friendship Points. Each draw costs 200 points per card, with a maximum of 10 cards can be drawn at once. You also get one free draw per day, not requiring any Friendship Points.

Drawing from the card pack is also part of the Daily Feats.

Friendship PointsEdit

Main Article: Friendship Points.

Friendship Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Sending Cheer to anyone adds 5 points directly to your supply once per day:
    • 2 points are obtained by preparing to Cheer someone.
    • 3 more points are given upon sending the Cheer.
  • Some login campaigns will send points to presents.
Friendship Card Pack
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