Forest Defender Shenti


This enchanted forest is not only beautiful, but the plant life releases energy which empowers the animals that reside there. The beasts enjoy lives full of vitality and peace. However, vile demons seeking to use the forest's unique quality for their own ends have thrown it into disarray, killing creatures one after the next. Upon hearing of the disastrous occurrence, Shenti, along with the wolven ruler of the forest, takes action to expel the cruel brutes.


Added on April 16, 2014 as a part of Chains of Vengeance Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Shenti is a masculine Egiptian name, meaning "Hairy".

As a Chinise name translates as "whole physical structure of a human being or an animal; the body", where "shen" is "life; oneself" and "ti" is "body or part of body; style, structure, form".

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