Legend of the Cryptids Wiki
Legend of the Cryptids Wiki
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To add a card to the gallery, simply edit this page and enter the name of the card in one of the parameter fields. Each card number represents it's position in a sixteen card set, going from left to right starting from the top left. When adding cards, please ensure that you follow the in-game gallery as much as possible.

To add thumbnails to the gallery, simply upload the image to the site with the same name as the card it is for, with the word "thumb" added to the end (with a space). For example, Monstername thumb.jpg. Once this is done, the image will automatically be added to the gallery.

When adding thumbnails, please follow the following guidelines:

  • All thumbnails should be saved in JPG format in order for the gallery script to recognize and add the thumb properly.
  • All thumbnails must be at least 130x130px in size to avoid loss quality due to stretching.

For general guidelines on adding images to the wiki, please see our Image Guide. For general help and guidelines on actually setting up new card pages, see our Card Page Guide.