Finly the Wolf Goddess


Finly the wolf goddess was utterly adorable -- some might say sickeningly so. All manners of deities flocked to her side to heap praise upon her. But the noble and reserved Finly had no intention of currying favor with anyone. So with a resigned smile, she graciously accepted the gratuitous flattery. "I belong to no one. But I love everyone."


Acquired from the 4.5 Million Downloads Celebration promotion for daily logins - 60-Day Login Promotion, starting May 11, 2014 (iOS) with the final card scheduled for the 60th day (awarded on days: 1, 7, 14, 40 and 60).

If you have juast completed the - 60-Day Login Promotion for the fire element aquiring Mira, Obtaining a Magic Jewel and still loged in every day you get awarded this card on days 71, 77, 84, 110 and 130.

Name originEdit

Finly Hutchinson Gray (July 21, 1863 - May 8, 1947) was a U.S. Representative from Indiana. Later an unincorporated community in Brandywine Township, Hancock County, Indiana was named after him as Finly, previously known as Reedville Station, Carrollton, Kinder, & Tailholt).

Additional InfoEdit

  • First stage of a 5-stage evolution.
  • Artwork by songjjang100.
  • The card is bound.

See AlsoEdit

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